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Kristen Torkelson - Buyer Realtor/Sales Associate

January 7, 2017 | By Vanessa Pollock

Kristen Torkelson

Buyer Realtor/Sales Associate

A recent transplant from San Clemente, CA to Chatham, NJ, Kristen brings over 20 years’ experience around the home building industry to her role as Sales Associate/Realtor with the Vanessa Pollock team. Specializing in relocation, Kristen knows what it is like to be new in town and yet she has the knack to help her clients find the best of local everything—from schools and churches to shopping, restaurants, contractors and more!  She has renovated several homes, including her historic Chatham Tudor—and she has personally designed and managed the entire process. She is a Mom of three boys—the oldest one is 17 and the twins are 14—ensuring her ability to juggle multiple duties without dropping a single ball!  Entrepreneurial spirit and love of sales is in her blood too–she founded and sold her own high-tech company before the age of 21!  But the Care, Serve, Give mantra runs deep within her.  She has served in leadership positions, including President, of a nonprofit foundation for over 9 years.  Kristen brings a wealth of expertise in customer service and caring to help her real estate      clients have the best possible experience.

“We recently bought [a home] in West Orange with the help of Kristen Torkelson, and wanted to reach out to say what a great experience we had with her. We were a special case — flying up to NJ from Florida for a whirlwind weekend, not knowing anything about the area. We couldn’t have asked for a better guide. She was reachable at all times, generous with her attention, patient with our questions and ready with goodies to keep our toddler happy, from house hunt to closing day. We will certainly recommend your company to anyone who wants to buy or sell a home..” -Alexandra Zayas 



1. What town do you live in? Chatham

2. Where did you live before that? San Clemente CA

3. What brought you to the area? My husband got a job in Newark

4. What do you do (for a living or as a serious hobby)? Realtor and volunteer in my community

5. What’s your favorite feature of your home? The library, we have it set up so everyone in the family can be in the space using computers or reading together.

6. Where do you love to go on a date night? The Hills Tavern in Millburn

7. What’s music/album are you really into these days? Jazz, as it keeps me calm while driving around town. But I’m also a total Dave Matthews Band addict.

8. If you could have a super-power, what would it be? Is the ability to be in more than 1 place at a time a super power? If so sign me up!

9. What’s the best book you’ve read in the last 5 years? Wonder by Raquel J. Palacio a must read for the entire family.

10.What’s something that amazes you? Nature, between seasons & sunrises I’m sold.

11. Describe your family: Married with 3 boys in High School. The oldest is a Senior and the twins are Freshman. Don’t forget our 4 legged family member a springer spaniel.

12.  Describe your ideal day: A walk with my hubby and the dog, breakfast out, a movie and nice glass of wine to complete the day.

13. Favorite local place to eat? Maries Deli which happens to have been spotted on Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives

14.  Who/What did you aspire to be when you were little? I was going to be a lawyer or an actress.

15. What is your favorite store? Loft and Amazon

16. Mountains or Beach? Growing up in Colorado that’s a tough one! I love water so being up in the mountains by a lake or sitting by ocean gives me an amazing sense of calm.

17. Favorite movie? Oh so many! I’m a product of the 80’s so I kinda love all the brat pack movies as I can recite all the lines.

18. What inspires you? My children! They are on the verge of leaving the nest and watching them grow and turn into young men is a wonderful thing to witness.

19. How would you describe your “style”? I would say I’m a blend of bohemian and classic preppy

20. Coffee or tea? Tea, I like my caffeine cold.

21. What charity are you passionate about/how do you live out “CareServeGive?I love anything that supports the arts and currently support the Chatham High School Performing Arts Boosters. Back in California I was also a huge supporter of the Illumination Foundation that helps homeless families.



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