October - Monthly Real Estate Reports, brought to you by Pollock Properties Group

November 15, 2018 | By Vanessa Pollock

Track the real estate market changes every month, for all our towns, right here on our blog each month! Below are the market reports for lots of towns 30-60 minutes to NYC.  Important data points to track each month are:

  • DAYS ON MARKET (DOM): As this number gets longer, the market softens.  As this number gets shorter, the market is "hotter" for Sellers.
  • SALE PRICE VS LIST PRICE RATIO: This indicates how far above or below the listing prices the market is taking a town.  The higher the ratio, the "hotter" a market.
  • FLASHBACKS: Be sure to check out the year-over-year data, as that really show how much things have changed (or haven't!)

If you have questions about what is happening in our market, please reach out to us at 973-544-8484!   As your real estate consultants, we are here to help interpret the data based on what you need to know.   We love taking care of you and this community, and to keep you well informed! #CareServeGive 

S E A R C H  L O C A L  H O M E S  F O R   S A L E  H E R E